Beginning a cannabis distribution service business is an excellent alternative to the traditional method of opening a dispensary if you have a starting capital that is less than 100,000$ and you still want to get a net profit of 30%. The cannabis distribution business provides you with an excellent opportunity to offer one on one service to customers.

Steps for Starting a Cannabis Distribution Business

Cannabis Financial Model 

For you to start cannabis distribution, you will need a cannabis business economic model. The model will guide you how to operate your business in the future with regards to investments, financial goals, expense items and sales.

Cannabis Business Plan 

A cannabis business plan is a tool which helps you in understanding how your business is structured. You can use it for monitoring progress, and hold yourself accountable. It is also a recruiting and sales tool for enticing prospective future investors and expansion of your business. Also, it will help you in getting your cannabis business distribution license.


Currently, cannabis distribution service is legal in most of the states as part of allotting B2C. For example, if you are a retailer of cannabis you might distribute marijuana to a person residing in Oregon, however, you must have written approval from the commission before making deliveries. Also, you should not carry more than $3000 total value of the cannabis if you are selling it at retail. You also need to learn about the cannabis approval process and the requirements required by the state and country you are in.


When starting a distribution service for cannabis, it’s not a must for you to rent or lease a big store. Nevertheless, you will need a store that can accommodate all your stock, one that is safe and legal enough for cannabis keeping. Also, ensure that you have enough stock which will fill all the available orders that you have. First conduct research on the cannabis demand of the area you plan to start cannabis distribution. The information gotten will assist you in determining the amount of cannabis you need. Learn the regulations and rules of the total amount of marijuana that is required to be stored and amount to be delivered on each trip.


You will need a strong, secure and reliable car for cannabis distribution. A vehicle that follows all the state laws and regulations for vehicles used for business purposes. You will need a car that has an alarm system, one that the temperatures can be controlled if its transporting perishable cannabis products and one that can secure the cannabis in place while being transported.


A lot of the people who use the distribution service it’s usually the only available option for them especially for people suffering and getting to the dispensary is a big task. Even though your business makes life simpler for them, ensure that you register your clients just like in any other business.


It’s easy to operate a cannabis distribution service if you follow the laws and regulations. Also if you need a cannabis distribution service, you can visit, contact number 833-IGOT-420.